For Companies

Consumer Protection, Data Security & Privacy:

Investigations by Federal and state attorneys general or consumer protection agencies, reviewing advertising or marketing claims, defending and bringing actions against unfair or deceptive acts or practices. Drafting or reviewing privacy policies, avoiding or responding to FTC investigations, helping companies determine how they need to protect personal information, responding to data security breaches, and compliance with laws protecting health, banking, or children’s information.

  • Scott has advised major telecommunications providers on aspects of their advertising campaigns and marketing strategies, including ensuring disclosures are clear and conspicuous and consumer consent is properly obtained.
  • Scott literally ‘wrote the book’ and authored several sections of the 2012 ABA Data Security & Privacy Handbook, has drafted corporate privacy policies, reviewed product designs before launch, and has extensive experience with the FTC and FCC.
  • Scott has helped numerous banks, IT companies, start-ups, and other corporations deal proactively and completely with the fall out from data security breaches, ensuring no further liability or involvement from state attorneys general.

Contracts & Agreements:

Federal or state governments and private companies, filing bid protests, drafting contracts and subcontracts, planning and executing acquisitions, negotiating data rights, enforcing trade secrets, non-compete agreements, and other aspects of commercial agreements.

  • Scott has represented major defense contractors in termination for convenience claims saving them tens of millions of dollars, drafted contracts and subcontracting agreements, reviewed the performance of subcontractors in corporate buy-outs, participated in successful bid protests before the GAO, and advised corporations operating overseas on export control restrictions and implications of Status of Forces Agreements.


Filing or Challenging agency actions, undertaking white collar investigations, securing immigration status for employees, and bringing complex civil litigation or appeals.

  • Scott has advised major Fortune 100 companies on their litigation strategies before federal district, appellate, and state supreme courts in products liability and other cases.
  • Scott has helped major telecommunications providers in obtaining or updating licenses with the FCC, advised companies on state and federal regulatory requirements, and handled local municipal or state right of way and utilities issues.
For Individuals


  • Scott has collaborated with the Children’s Law Center on a complex federal civil rights suit addressing problems with interstate adoption, successfully arranged for an international, inter-familial adoption, and has experience with divorce and child custody matters.


  • Scott has worked with the Maryland Public Defender’s Office and represented clients on appeal, convincing the Maryland Court of Appeals to hear a case, and then convincing that court to side in an unanimous decision for his client.
  • Scott has helped clients under investigation by the SEC, DOJ and Congress for Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), insider trading, and other charges.


  • Scott has represented clients before the USCIS, securing U-Visa status, and advised families on complex areas of the law involving international, inter-familial adoption procedures.


  • Scott has experience in protective orders, winning a trial in a civil suit where a company attempted to obtain a protective order in retaliation against a former employee after that employee participated in a lawsuit against the company for unfair employment practices, and co-authored an amicus brief submitted to the Maryland Court of Appeals on civil domestic protective order issues.

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