Law You Can Use
Swafford Law provides companies and individuals legal advice they can use. After careers in military intelligence, the federal government, contracting, and IT, and practicing law at a prestigious Washington DC law firm, Scott Swafford founded Swafford Law to make his experiences and insights available to clients directly without the overhead, sometimes impersonal nature, and “billing over results” preference sometimes found in large law firms. With experience across Data Security & Privacy; Consumer Protection; Business or Corporate Law & Contracting; Litigation; and other areas, Swafford Law knows how to provide you help you need. By being faster, more creative and agile than larger firms, Swafford Law can focus on the only bottom line that matters – yours.
A Lawyer That Listens

Scott Swafford has provided legal advice to companies like AT&T, Raytheon, Barnes & Noble, MagicJack, Allianz, and Motorola, and won trials and appeals, but his advice and actions always come only after finding out what each client needs, and the best way to get it to them.

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